Create the ultimate look

Programmable LED pixel props for circus performers and flow artists

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Create amazing trails

The props include up to 470 different patterns.

Works up to 60 hours

Your brightest performance is safe.
All night also possible.

Multi-platform software available

The smartphone app will release soon.

Multifunctional props

Well-designed constructions tested and improved for years.

When Digital Art Meet Circus and Flow Artists.

Striking, dramatic, beautiful, and reflective

Evolution also happens in a flow art community. Nowadays technology gives the ability to combine knowledge from different spheres of life and create amazing props. We are a group of people from Ukraine who love to juggle and play with different props for over 10 years. For more than 7 years we create products and spread them in the flow art community. You can create incredible light trails show and amaze the audience. Gift surprises for lovely people. Light pixel props are a safe way to demonstrate the skill. Possible to perform indoor in any costume and don’t get worried about burn compare to fire or breathe polluted air. It’s not only a flow prop. Children have so much fun while playing with lights. Use the props as lighting facilities, bike lights, or a bedroom night lamp. Be creative!

How can I get started?

You have come to the right place! We have been developing and improving our LED devices since 2014. Interested? Let's start.
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    Order the props

    Processing your order takes 7 days. Worldwide shipping in most cases takes 7 - 14 days.

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    Prepare for meet

    Yeah, we know that no one likes to learn information before usage. Use the maximum potential of the props.

    Video instruction
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    Increase potential

    Upload your graphics. Don't worry it will take around 30 minutes. Even a beginner can handle it. All you need is a computer.

    Download soft
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    Find your flow

    Everything is ready! It's time for fun. Try all possible lighting modes and presentation techniques.


Our products

We provide top quality products that are customizible for each of our customers needs

We have even more ...

You can buy our pixel poi and different resolution transformers, pixel fans, dragon staff heads, and vision sticks. For props makers and manufacturers we provide microcontroller boards and components to make your own pixel equipment.

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